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Chairman’s Message

Words from Chairman

When Royal Blinds was founded in 1989, the vision was to create a one-stop solution covering a diverse range of external and internal shading products.

We understood the many difficulties contractors and architects face when working on their projects, and wanted Royal Blinds to be the reliable partner they can turn to for our shading expertise. I am happy to say that we have accomplished that, and today we enjoy an immaculate reputation on the market.

The relationships we have built with our clients have led us to work on some of the most prestigious projects in the region based on word of mouth alone, and throughout the years we have left our mark on the UAE, standing the test of time.

A big part of our success are the strong partnerships we forged with the world’s best manufacturers of various shading components, from fabrics to motorized systems. We carefully choose only the best for our clients, and provide value to our partners to ensure lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Above all, Royal Blinds owes its success to our amazing team who is the true driving force of the company. From the experienced factory workers and the installers to the relentless sales team and the General Manager’s leadership, we are one family united in our vision to do the best work for our clients, and we work together on driving the company forward. I am thankful to the team for all that we have achieved so far.

I am confident that with our background and experience, we will continue on our quest for excellence, while always growing and improving to best meet future demands. I am immensely proud of this company and the impact we have made in the UAE.

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