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Smart Solutions

Unique Solutions, Blending Technology, Innovation, Quality, & Design


Smart Solutions

Unique solutions, blending technology, innovation, quality, and design. Automation and control systems for awnings, blinds, curtains and skylight now with integrated management through smart intuitive interfaces: practical, functional and elegant solutions for the ideal way to live in every space.

Architects, Designers and Engineers find their ideal partner in Royal Blinds, always ready to provide complete support during project design, installation and implementation.


Smart home technology is not limited to electronics. It can literally be installed in all areas of a home, windows, with smart windows leading the way. More and more homeowners are looking into smart window solutions when they design new projects. While comfortably laying on your couch, ask your voice assistant to adjust the position of your devices.

Gesture Control

Usually, when heading for the holidays, we leave home in a rush. There are so many things to do, so no wonder the thought about the possibility of leaving your property unprotected can spoil our days off. Now, arming the alarm system when leaving home, you can simultaneously close all the blinds and gates with one click. You can hit the road now.

Smart Windows Solution

  • Check the status of your window blinds from remote locations.
  • Control your blinds and curtains with just your voice.
  • Better control over your home’s energy efficiency
  • Improved overall home security.
  • Automated control over your windows.
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